The Raveonettes Drop Dark Video for “Endless Sleeper”

I’ve never really given this band the time of day. It’s nothing personal of course, but I just never had any urge to throw on one of their records and give it a listen. Hell, there are bootlegs from the Rolling Stones and BJM that I still haven’t heard, so when am I going to … Continue reading

Pink Mountaintops Release Video for “New Teenage Mutilation”

Pink Mountaintops are still riding on the release of this year’s phenomenal LP Get Back. With a tour of the UK and Europe (isn’t it weird how we always have to distinguish the two?) and an extensive US tour with the Icarus Line possibly in the works, the band is full steaming it ahead with … Continue reading

Angel Olsen Returns to Nashville in November

I’m usually stoked about every band I write about, but in this case, I’m particularly stoked. If you haven’t picked up Angel Olsen’s Burn Your Fire For No Witness, then you’re opinion is null and void until you do so. It’s a beautiful, slow-burning record that is complimented more so by Olsen’s unbelievable live show. … Continue reading

Fat Possum Reissued Rowland S Howard’s “Pop Crimes”

I’ve gone on and on about Rowland S Howard, the former guitarist for the Birthday Party, Crime and City Solution and an impressive yet short solo career. If you haven’t watched the documentary, Autolumiscent, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.¬†Anyways, Fat Possum has recently reissued Howard’s second and final solo album,¬†Pop Crimes, on August 5th. … Continue reading

The Genius of Komeda – Komeda

This is by no means new, but since I’ve been listening to this record a lot lately, it’s worth mentioning. Komeda are a Swedish indie band that put out a phenomenal record called The Genuis of Komeda in 1996. Other than that, I haven’t really researched their history too much, because I’ve been too entrenched … Continue reading

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