Listen: Goat’s Phenomenal New Album, Commune

While the term “psych rock” is being passed around more than VD at a frat house, there are still a few bands out there that can carry the tag without the burden (or burning). Straight out of somewhere strange in Sweden comes Goat, a band that deserves the tag. I had heard of the band … Continue reading

The Raveonettes Drop Video for “Killer in the Streets”

After years of ignoring them, this band has been catching my eye lately with sick music videos and my ears with even darker songs. First, there was the fantastic video for their single, “Endless Sleeper.” Now, we have a video for their latest,”Killer in the Streets.” Written and directed by Rie Rasmussen, the video’s plot … Continue reading

Tennessee Scum Drop “Ghost” As Part of a Cassette Store Day Comp

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this band on this thing before. That might be because I’ve only seen them a handful of times live or that I genuinely have no real idea who the fuck they are. However, whenever I find that they’ve made their way onto a show I’m actually at, I’ve always … Continue reading

King Tuff Drops “Black Moon Spell”

I’ve been a casual fan of King Tuff’s since 2011, but I couldn’t get into his latest album. Even now, I can’t put my finger on exactly why I wasn’t digging his 2012 self-titled record like everyone else, but it just didn’t resonate for me. I was bummed because I did like his 2008 record, … Continue reading

Tyler, the Creator Responds to U2’s New and Seemingly-Mandatory Album

There have been a lot responses to U2 and Apple’s latest stunt, which involves forcing anyone with an iPhone or iTunes to have a copy of the band’s new album. The majority of responses have been negative, with the well-reasoned ones questioning U2’s tactic of giving their music away for free (such as this great article … Continue reading

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