Swans – To Be Kind

In the interest of full disclosure, let me just say that up until this album, I had never heard much by Swans. I mean, I had heard of them; my friends who are into good music usually tell me that the band is something else and fucking LOUD when they play. In fact, it was … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Play Mercy Lounge Tonight

I mentioned this the last time I wrote these dudes up, but I figured I’d give ya another heads up cause…well, I know how it is. Kids these days are so preoccupied with their own needless shit and with their attention spans dwindling faster than their IQ points, it helps to have more than one … Continue reading

Bonfire Beach Drop Cool Video For “Spit U Out”

One of my favorite records I’ve heard in the last year has got to be Bonfire Beach’s self-titled debut. Between Dexy’s sultry vocals and the mind-bending guitar sounds that can produce heat waves or tremors, it was one of those great albums that made me wish I could really be in Los Angeles. Seriously, why … Continue reading

Mom And Dad Got Back Together, Release New Song Called “Fuck”

After tapering out over the last few years, it looks like one of the few decent bands/things to come out of Murfreesboro, Mom and Dad, are back together yet again. In a statement released less than an hour ago, the band had this to say: Trapped in crystal awaiting the thaw in our deeply secluded cave. … Continue reading

PREMIERE: The Gorlons Drop Video For “I Really Don’t Like Me Too”, Hit Nashville May 17th

If you missed my review of the Gorlons’ self-titled debut, I’ll sum it up for all of you who are not big readers: it’s pretty killer. The term “psych rock” nowadays has been fucked up worse than a pederass in jail, but these guys are separate from the rest in that they seem genuine and have … Continue reading

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