Introducing The Slovaks

Anyone who knows great music knows that Manchester, England has quite a fucking roster itself. The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Joy Division, Oasis, etc, etc. The working class city has put out a lot of bands that have made impacts not just on English music, but music as a whole. Enter the Slovaks. The Slovaks … Continue reading

REVIEW: Twin Peaks, Tweens, & Penicillin Baby at the Stone Fox

After the disappointment that was the Olivia Jean show at Grimey’s, I needed some actual rock n roll to revitalize my faith in the genre. Luckily, the main event of the night was already set in motion: the youngin’s from Chicago known as Twin Peaks had just pulled into town along with those other youngin’s … Continue reading

REVIEW: Olivia Jean’s Record Release Show at Grimey’s

I feel kind of sorry for Olivia Jean nowadays. Given, I thought the Black Belles sucked like everyone else with a pair of working ears, but it seems that most of the hatred directed towards her is not actually for her music, but really stems from the rumored affair that she had with Jack White … Continue reading

Listen: Goat’s Phenomenal New Album, Commune

While the term “psych rock” is being passed around more than VD at a frat house, there are still a few bands out there that can carry the tag without the burden (or burning). Straight out of somewhere strange in Sweden comes Goat, a band that deserves the tag. I had heard of the band … Continue reading

The Raveonettes Drop Video for “Killer in the Streets”

After years of ignoring them, this band has been catching my eye lately with sick music videos and my ears with even darker songs. First, there was the fantastic video for their single, “Endless Sleeper.” Now, we have a video for their latest,”Killer in the Streets.” Written and directed by Rie Rasmussen, the video’s plot … Continue reading

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