Watch Ty Segall’s Set At Coachella Featuring New Songs and a Brief Cameo from Blake of “Workaholics”

The 1st weekend of the California music festival Coachella has come and gone already.  I used to think I really wanted to go, but with the past two years of line ups being a bit lackluster, it looks like I’ll never face the day when I get to pay for high priced water and watch … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Billy Corgan

Dear Billy Corgan, Just stop already. Sincerely, Everyone With Working Ears

Queens of the Stone Age’s Video For “Smooth Sailing”: A Night of Debauchery with Josh Homme

Queens of the Stone Age are about to do another tour behind last year’s magnificent …Like Clockwork, but before they do, they’re dropping a video for the new single, “Smooth Sailing.” In it, Josh Homme goes out for a night on the town with some Asian business men. What follows includes (but is not limited … Continue reading

Are Death From Above 1979 About To Drop Their New Record?

Since they’ve been doing the reunion ordeal for about 3 years now and with sparse to zilch detail on them recording new songs, the idea of Canadian drum-and-bass duo Death From Above 1979 releasing new material in 2014 seemed like a pipe dream. I mean, new songs have been dropped here or there at the … Continue reading

Gallon Drunk Are Still Old, Pissed Off, And Cool As Fuck

I was big fan of the last album these guys put out. Like walking barefoot on broken glass, it was abrasive as fuck, which really matched the headspace I was in when I heard the record. When I heard that they were putting out a new album this year, I gave this new single, “The Dumb … Continue reading

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